Saturday, September 15, 2007

BMW Hydrogen 7 passes NASA's tests

BMW sent prototypes of its revolutionary new Hydrogen 7 cars to NASA for testing and the clean, mean and green vehicles came out with flying colors after being graded for their efficiency.The Hydrogen 7 is based on the design of the BMW 760Li and carries a dual combustion engine which can use either gasoline or fuel hydrogen. What's more, it can switch seamlessly between the two and deliver the same results each time.It's strong V12 engine delivers 260hp, a top speed of 143 miles an hour and accelerates from 0 to 60 miles in 9.2 seconds. The high performance comes with the distinctive BMW look and ease of handling that luxury drivers look for.The best part about the BMW Hydrogen 7 is its contribution to the prevention of climate change. When running on hydrogen, its emissions are essentially as harmless as water vapor.

New iGadgets finally unveiled: New iPod Nano, Red Shuffle, iPod Touch

Good things are finally coming their way towards Apple iGadget fans: Steve Jobs already announced the newfangled wonderful things in Apple's media event, and what a bunch or wonderful gadgetry they are.After giving themselves a pat on the back about iTune's success (600 million copies of iTunes distributed, 95 million TV shows sold, 32% digital-only music releases), Jobs started announcing the newest additions to the Apple family, beginning with the little things, such as the addition of a red-colored shuffle among other new colors. It will have the same specs such as 1GB memory and will be on sale for US$ 79, and will be available shortly.Next up is the new iPod Nano. It turns out that the rumors of a smaller, stockier Nano is true: it's the very same cuter iPod Nano whose pictures were circulating the net a few days ago. It has a 2-inch screen, the same QVGA resolution as the existing Nanos, enhanced user interface (with the same cover flow browsing as iPhone!), and 3 new games.The new iPod Nano's battery life is more than alright: it can play for 24 hours only with audio, and 5 full hours of video playback. There are two storage flavors available: 4GB and 8GB. The 4GB flavor will be priced at US$ 149, while the 8GB will have a tag price of only US$ 199.
Even more good news? These cool new babies have already been shipped and will be in stores starting this weekend.

Finally: world's first non-stick chewing gum invented

Do you hate the hassle of removing the troublesome gum off the sole of your shoe? If so, then you're in luck: scientists at Bristol University have invented a novel kind of chewing gum (about as novel as anti-obesity chewing gum?).We're looking at the world's first non-stick chewing gum that easily washes off with water.Christened as the Rev 7, the non-stick chewing gum may be on sale in the UK early next year. Made out of non-stick synthetic material, Rev 7 can be easily removed from shoe soles, desks (yes, sticking gum underneath desks seem to be a secret ritual in school), and from pretty much anything else.Rev 7's inventor Professor Terence Cosgrove explained the importance of the invention:
Chewing gum is a social habit that goes around the world. But, unfortunately, a large number of people dispose of their gum inappropriately. I am sure you have all sat in the cinema or in someone's car and your hands have wandered and found a disgusting sticky mess under the seat. It is unpleasant, could have health issues associated with it, and is unsightly. Yes, we all hate having to accidentally get our fingers caught in chewing gum moistened by some other person's saliva. At least with this new non-stick gum, cleaning the gum off won't be such a hassle.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

SpyDisk: Pen With Built-in Flash & SD Drive

Now we're rather confused about this one because this device is packing too many features, it's hard to tell what it mainly is. At the moment we're not sure whether it is a pen with a built-in Flash and SD drive or if it is a Flash and SD drive with a built-in pen. Of course, the latter would make more sense but this all-purpose contraption straight from Japan called the 'SpyDisk' pen has all you could want in your pocket. It comes in 128, 256, and 512 MB Flash drive sizes, plus whatever you can store on your SD card.This is certainly a handy gadget to have around especially if you carry a pen around with you at all times and store data on various formats. It is annoying if you have an SD card with data on and no card reader to use it with, now you can with this! The SpyDisk (don't ask why it is called this - we simply don't know) costs ¥2,800 ($24) for the 128MB version, ¥3,880 ($33) for the 256MB version and ¥4,800 ($41) for the 512MB version. When it will hit the states we don't know, but with this kind of functionality, it's got to at some point.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Boost your PC with Toshiba's 32GB flash drive

If your PC already has a multi-core processor with a huge hard drive and a sturdy amount of RAM, yet you still find yourself looking for better performance, maybe it's time to start looking outside the casing and into external memory.By using a USB drive as a Windows ReadyBoost device, you free up the burden on your PC and help it run as efficiently as possible. Toshiba is capitalizing on the demand for such devices as it introduces the new Vista-compatible TransMemory USB drive.Set for launch this October, the TransMemory devices will have variants ranging from 1GB to 8GB. They'll work in conjunction with existing memory devices to improve response times and make multitasking a smoother cruise. If you think that's cool, wait until year's end when a 32GN TransMemory device is set loose. Now that's a flash drive!

Studies confirm coffee is good at stopping cancer

Bloggers, gamers, and other nocturnal creatures have reason to celebrate as coffee may be good for one's health. Two publications, namely Hepatology and PNAS, have conducted studies on this and found that coffee and the caffeine it contains has a retarding effect on cancer.The June issue of Hepatology, a journal devoted to the study of the liver, compared a study that tracked liver cancer and obtained date related to coffee consumption of those in the experiment. The findings showed a 41% reduction in the risk of cancer for coffee drinkers. Now, these findings are consistent with other studies. Both case-controlled and cohort designs show that coffee has the same effect across the board.The PNAS study, furthermore, involved putting caffeine straight into the water that the mice were drinking. In addition to this, each mouse was subjected to daily exercise via a training wheel. The experiment showed that these test subjects were more prone to apoptosis, or cell suicide when exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays. It has been a long standing theory in modern medicine that the said apoptotic response stops cancer from forming as potentially damaged cellular DNA are weeded out.Does this mean that we should start loading up on more caffeinated drinks? Well, it's best to consult your physician first about that. It's just nice to know that our morning cup of joe isn't as bad as some would portray it to be.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Apple gives MacBook line faster chips, more memory

AppleInsider reports that Apple's MacBook consumer notebooks have just been given an upgrade. According to Philip Schiller, Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing, the new MacBook is faster and has more memory and storage than ever before thanks to faster Intel Core 2 Duo processors, 1GB of memory and larger hard drives in all the MacBook models.If you're worried about size, don't be. The new MacBooks are still just an inch thick. They also feature built-in 802.11n wireless networking which allows for up to five times the performance and twice the range of 802.11g. The new line also includes a built-in iSight camera, an Apple SafeMag Power Adapter and iLife '06. For more details on the new MacBooks' specs, click on the "via" link below.If you're looking to get one for yourself, all three MacBook models are already available. At a suggested retail price (SRP) of US$ 1,099, the 2.0 GHz, 13-inch white MacBook is the cheapest of the bunch. The 2.16 GHz, 13-inch white MacBook has an SRP of US$1,299 while the 2.16 GHz, 13-inch black MacBook has a suggested price tag of US$ 1,499.